Canine vocation

Since 1978

Canine vocation

We’re passionate about man’s best friend: dogs

We offer puppy breeding services, a dog and cat residence and guidance and assessment before, during and after adoption.

Our installations, situated in the heart of nature, are based at 2km from Manresa and just 50 minutes from Barcelona. Visit us whenever you want and you will see our puppies with their parents and brothers! We’re waiting for you!

The main objective of Goscan’s canine and feline residence is animal wellbeing. That’s why we guarantee maximum comfort levels for your pet. The company was founded in 1978, the same year in which it received affix 1,049 (“of Goscan”) from the Spanish Royal Canine Society, which can be applied to all puppies born in Goscan, justifying their corresponding pedigree.

Goscan is also registered ANIMAL CENTRE number B/23-000-1 (awarded by the Catalan Government in 1990).