Breeding centre


Breeding centre

As a centre, Goscan is fully equipped for rearing, selling and training dogs.

 We know that each puppy has different needs, so we personalise our programmes according to the breed in question. Our specialities include golden retrievers,  yellow labrador retrievers and black labrador retrievers.

Advantages Goscan offers

Health certificates

Parents free of eye defects: Certificate issued by a specialized veterinary ophthalmologist..
Parents free of dysplasia: Certificate issued by a specialized veterinarian.

Presence of parents.

The puppies are in close contact with their parents at our center.

Our puppies

All our puppies are exclusively raised by our breeders.

Choose your puppy

Possibility of choosing a puppy from all members of a litter.

Proof of registration in the LOE

Documentation needed from the client in order to process the pedigree of the puppy.

Legal documentation

Delivery of invoices, microchips and all necessary documentation for the legal possession of a puppy

Unlimited after-sales service

Requests about conduct and behaviour.

Breeding centre

Breeding centre in the same area as customer service and in a rural environment which guarantees tranquillity of mothers and puppies.