Our breeds

At GOSCAN we are aware that each puppy has different needs and, precisely because of this, we customize our actions according to each breed we deal with.

Golden Retriever

The golden retriever’s are good family pets, and are particularly patient with children, especially if they’re properly socialised and trained since birth.

Labrador Retriever

A perfect family dog: noble, obedient, intelligent, kind and happy to withstand the pestering of the youngest family members.

Responsible breeding


100% GOSCAN.
All puppies are bred from our own dogs.

Since 1978

Canine vocation

We’re passionate about man’s best friend: dogs

Our installations, situated in the heart of nature, are based at 5km from Manresa and just 50 minutes from Barcelona. Visit us whenever you want and you could see our puppies with their parents and brothers! We’re waiting for you!


The center

GOSCAN’s installations have the goal of responding to the needs of puppies and adult dogs.

The breeding centre provides the tranquillity needed to allow our dogs to grow and develop in optimal conditions, and to allow mothers to nurse their young. Puppies grow and develop in open, climatised spaces and enjoy various play areas which allow them to interact and socialise with their future owners.