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Royal Canin
Canine vocation since 1978
Club Español de Retrievers


GOSCAN’s installations have the goal of responding to the needs of puppies and adult dogs. The breeding centre provides the tranquillity needed to allow our dogs to grow and develop in optimal conditions, and to allow mothers to nurse their young. Puppies grow and develop in open, climatised spaces and enjoy various play areas which allow them to interact and socialise with their future owners.

Our spaces


Reserved, controlled space where mothers can serenely nurse their puppies.

L’Era Area

The oldest part of the farmhouse, where Goscan puppies are born and raised. They play here until no longer nursing.

Collbaix Area

This zone is for Goscan’s adults, mothers and fathers.


Here, guests can feel completely at home.

Dog Kennel – Hotel del Nord

This is the most natural hotel, in the northern part of the farmhouse, with an interior and exterior zone to that all guests can be comfortable and relaxed during their stay.

Dog Kennel – Hotel 120

This is Goscan’s newest hotel, created to offer guests optimum conditions, with trees to give freshness and in interior and exterior zone in all boxes.

Cattery – Hotel Meu-meu

Special cat hotel. All interior, with individual, large, peaceful boxes.


Specially designed to allow animals to relax and play in peace. These also act as socialisation areas to allow puppies to get to know their future family.

Terra Area

This is one of the largest patios. Here, large breeds and trained and can play serenely.

Pedra Area

The newest patio, with stone features, trees and shade to allow guests to wander peacefully.

Gespa Area

This area is designed to allow little ones to have a great time and clients to play with their puppy and its siblings.

Terra II Area

Play area of more than 600 metres squared, which allows dogs of any breed and age to run and play peacefully.

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