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German Shepherd

The German shepherd is one of the most popular canine breeds in the world. This breed is innately hardworking, affectionate with the family, an excellent guardian, patient with and protective of children.

Bravery, self-sacrifice and loyalty are three of the many virtues which characterise this dog.

This is a highly intelligent breed, which has stood out in many useful services to mankind, such as: guard dog, guide dog, police dog, attack dog, drug detector etc.

This vigorous, agile, muscular, sharp animal is full of life.

This dog provides excellent company for children, given that it’s a very well-rounded animal which is easy to train. It is still one of the most cherished and admired by dog lovers.

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Size Male: 60–65cm. / Female: 55–60cm.
Weight Male: 30–40kg. / Female: 22–32kg.
Coat type Double coat with internal fleecing
Colour Solid black, black and fire, yellowing to light/sable grey, various tones of grey

Puppies German Shepherd

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