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The beagle is a breed of the hound family which, due to its way of being, has become one of the most accepted, sought-after pets. It’s an energetic, extroverted breed with personality.

Being used to living in a group, it’s genetically predisposed to being in company. Furthermore, this is a calm breed which adapts well to any type of life or environment, although as a puppy it’s very naughty.

This is a peaceful dog, as much by character as by disposition. Described by various breed standards as “merry”, these affectionate dogs are generally neither aggressive nor shy.

They enjoy company, and, although they might initially be cold with strangers, they accept them easily, meaning that they’re not very suitable as guard dogs. Their tendency to bark or howl when they spot strangers, however, could make them possible watchdogs.

These dogs have model behaviour around children, which might be one of the reasons why they’re one of the most popular domestic animals with families. In general, they behave well with other dogs.

They’re not demanding in terms of exercise: their innate stamina means that they don’t get tired easily when they are out and about, but they shouldn’t be exercised until they drop without a rest. Regular exercise, however, will help them to avoid the weight gain this breed is often prone to.

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Size Male: 33–38cm. / Female: 36–41cm.
Weight Male: 10–11kg. / Female: 9–10kg.
Coat type Short, dense and impermeable fur.
Colour White, toast (brown) and black. The point of the tail is white.

Pupppies Beagle

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